What you'll find in our presentation

  • Discover why we founded SYnAbs
  • Learn our unique strategies to increase success rate for antibody generation
  • Explore SYnAbs different technologies
  • Find testimonials and direct contacts to learn what our customer think of us 

What if we talk about the results?

" We chose to launch one ‘hard’ program with SYnAbs in order to develop an anti-PTM antibody. Indeed, there is no existing available monoclonal antibody for that given modification as of today
We are delighted with the collaboration with SYnAbs! They know what they are talking about and have considerable experience with antibody production "

- Gaetan Michel, VolitionRx, CEO 
SYnAbs has done a tremendous job in customized generation of a monoclonal antibody thanks to their unique multi-species immunization approach.
They generated the first worldwide monoclonal antibody against our confidential peptide. They also demonstrated great flexibility working with is and dealing with logistic aspects between our respective countries "

- Tzvika Tzubery, Neurogenic Ltd, CSO 

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